Introduction was an online distribution channel for sculpture and installation art, the idea being to make threedimensional art accessible using 3D scans and interactive stereoscopic visualization. The project was initiated and run by Swedish artist Caspar Forsberg between the years 2012 and 2015.


Sculpture and installation art have through history been in a situation similar to that of music before the advent of sound recording. We've had to physically be in the same space as a piece at the right time to see it. This has limited our options of shows to visit, not only to the ones taking place nearby but as importantly to the ones running at the moment. The vast majority of works produced have been difficult if at all possible to view during the interval between exhibitions, except as two dimensional photos or video.

20 years have passed since the initial virtual reality hype. Much of what was envisioned then can be done today using cheap and accessible hardware. 3D scanning has become user friendly and cheap as it can be done using standard digital cameras and ordinary computers handle 3d visualization very well.

I believe that distribution is a key factor in determining the relevance of any cultural manifestation. The three most obvious examples are music, literature and film. In comparison, sculpture and installation art are rather peripheral art forms. Add the element of distribution, and I think we are in for some interesting transformations in this field.

Caspar Forsberg